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Australia Powerball Lotto

Success formula

Number selection method for playing

The «Success Formula» number generator for the Australia Powerball Lotto lottery was developed by one of our subscribers. The numbers generated by this generator are recommended for use in the next draw after the final one.

Number generation is based on the final draw, taking into account all the draws selected for analysis. A too large analyzed period will lead to an excessive increase in the proposed numbers. A too small one will result in an unjustified decrease. It is necessary to maintain a balance.

Depending on how the numbers are arranged in the analyzed draws (how they appeared, in ascending order, in descending order), the generator results will vary. You must choose this yourself.

How to use the analysis results! The user must be aware that the number of draws to be analyzed should be 10, and they should be sorted in ascending order. However, you can try different options to achieve more accurate results for each lottery.

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According to the «Success Formula» generator, the following numbers are suggested for playing

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