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Lottery simulator

A humorous lottery for a fun company

On this page, you can create your own humorous lottery, select your tickets, and conduct a pretend draw. This is not a real lottery (no money or any other prizes are awarded), it's just a fun activity for a lively group!

From the settings, you can choose:

• Type of lottery. It can be a numerical lottery (e.g., "4 out of 20" rules) or a bingo lottery.
• How many balls will initially be in the drum.
• How many balls we will draw from the drum during the game.
• Enable or disable a host who will announce the numbers of the drawn balls.
• Enable or disable automatic highlighting of balls on your tickets that are drawn during the draw. You can always mark numbers manually.
• Enable or disable automatic game stop when a winning ticket is determined. A ticket is considered won in two cases: the ticket contains as many numbers as you specified in the «Balls to be drawn from the drum» section, or all numbers are marked on the ticket. The game stops in this case, but you can continue it.
• The speed of balls dropping from the drum. The period between ball drops can be: 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 seconds.

Then, all you have to do is choose numbers, add your tickets, and click the «Start» button. The balls will start dropping.

You can come up with your own rules, whatever you like. They can be strict rules like in real lotteries, or draw all the balls from the drum and the winner is the one whose ticket gets all numbers first. Or you can choose more numbers on the tickets than are drawn from the drum. In general, it's up to you to invent and play.

What lottery are we going to play?
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