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Romania Lotto 6/49

Number bins (groups)

Histogram of ball frequency by groups

In this section, a histogram of the numbers drawn for the Romania Lotto 6/49 lottery is presented, broken down by bins (groups).

You need to select the number of draws for analysis and the number of bins; the results are recalculated automatically. For each bin (group), it will be calculated how many times numbers from this bin have been drawn during the period you selected.

Essentially, the «Bins» section is identical to the «Numbers frequency» section, with the only difference being that in «Bins», you can gather numbers into groups and see the frequency of occurrence not for a specific number but for a group of numbers. This way, you can easily identify «hot» (those that have been drawn more frequently) and «cold» (those that have been drawn less frequently) groups of balls.

How to use the analysis results! Depending on your strategy, you can use the numbers that fall into the «hot» bins if you believe they will continue to be drawn for some time, or you can choose numbers from the «cold» bins if you believe these numbers are «lagging» and will catch up with the leaders.

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Choose the desired number of bins and see how the balls were distributed among them over 20 draws. In some bins, there will be significantly more/less balls than the average value.

Increase the number of draws or a more comprehensive analysis.

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