Repeat method

The easiest method is to select numbers from the last circulation. It doesn't even require large archives; all information is readily available. But remember, the method does not work well for all lotteries and not always. So, it is worth finding out the statistics of repeats from the last draw in the lottery, if possible, or to observe the repetitions for a while. You can take numbers not only from the last draw, but also from the one before last and earlier, in some cases they work better.

Take a few tips. Try to check for repeats across the entire archive of draws. The fact is that some numbers repeat more often than others, and it's a good idea to find such numbers in your lottery. In the American Powerball lottery, for example, the number 22 is particularly common.

Often a number that has been drawn twice in a row will be drawn again (a fourth draw also occurs, but much less frequently), especially in lotteries such as KENO, where there is a great deal of repetition and often several repetitions appear in the next draw.

So, we act according to this scheme: check whether there are frequent repetitions in the selected lottery, and if so, find the numbers that are repeated more often than others.

Now, choosing numbers for the next draw, we will take note of numbers from the last draw, but it is not worth choosing all of them yet, you need additional confirmations. Such confirmations for the numbers are the following events:

  • The number of frequently recurring;
  • The number was in the draw the day before last;
  • The same number follows from some other method.